Accommodation advertising: - Prices and Details for 2017

For a basic accommodation advert we charge £50 per annum

For each additional entry after the first, we charge £25 per annum

An accommodation advertisement has two parts:

  • Part 1 is a table of information with one photo, icons for facilities, outline prices and a short description.
    With self-catering 'simple' entries you are able to give brief details of up to 4 cottages/apartments (at the same location).
    This is linked by a 'See More' button to -
  • Part 2 - a web page with three images and up to 450 words of information - laid out to a pre-set format. This page may also include a link to your own website.

For accommodation on the fringes of the Peak District (eg: Leek, Macclesfield and Glossop areas) we may be able to offer discounted prices, as these tend not to attract as many 'click-throughs' as those in the centre of the Peak District. Please enquire.

For example: - a Bed and Breakfast entry