Blore is a secluded village just south of Ilam and the entrance to Dovedale, with a fine hall and a beautiful old church. The church was founded in the early 12th century and much of it dates from about then, though with many later additions. It is notable for not having been restored by the usual over-zealous Victorians. The result is that the church is almost as it was when the last additions were made in the early 17th century - an absolute gem.

Blore Church
Blore Church
The village was the home of the Bassett family from the mid 15th century until 1652 when the family line died out. They were responsible for the hall and much of the church and its contents. The chief glory of the church is the magnificent alabaster tomb of William Bassett V (d 1601), the last of the male line. The carvings on the tomb depict him in the centre with his wife Judith on his left and his son-in-law Henry Howard on his right. At the head of Henry is his wife, Elizabeth Bassett, and at the head of Judith is her grand-daughter, Elizabeth Howard. The family are buried in a vault beneath the tomb, though unfortunately this was robbed in the early 19th century and the lead coffins stolen, so the vault is now sealed.

This is not the only interesting monument in the church - beneath the North Aisle is a 15th century brass commemorating William Bassett II and his wife Joan, and there is some notable old stained glass.

The situation of Blore, overlooking the lower end of the Manifold and facing the end of Dovedale, is very pretty and at Blore Pastures on the road between Ilam and Blore there is a car park which has a particularly beautiful view of the area and is well worth visiting.

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Blore Church - Bassett tomb
0 - Blore Church - Bassett tomb
Blore Church
1 - Blore Church
Dovedale view from Blore Pastures
2 - Dovedale view from Blore Pastures
Ilam Church
3 - Ilam Church
Ilam Cross
4 - Ilam Cross
Ilam Hall
5 - Ilam Hall
Ilam Hall - Saxon cross
6 - Ilam Hall - Saxon cross
Ilam Church - Pike Watts tomb
7 - Ilam Church - Pike Watts tomb
Ilam Church - the Saxon font
8 - Ilam Church - the Saxon font
Ilam Church - Tomb of St Bertram
9 - Ilam Church - Tomb of St Bertram
Ilam - houses
10 - Ilam - houses
Ilam - the cross
11 - Ilam - the cross
Ilam Hall
12 - Ilam Hall
Ilam - St Bertrand's Bridge
13 - Ilam - St Bertrand's Bridge
Local places of interest

Dovedale and Thorpe Cloud

Dovedale is the name given to the section of the Dove valley between Milldale and Thorpe Cloud on the bounday between Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Famous for its scenery and fishing.

Ilam Church and Hall

Ilam Church, Staffordshire, is the burial place of St Bertram and a place of pilgrimage. A lovely church with some Saxon parts. Close to Ilam Hall, once home of the Watts Russell and Port families.

Ilam Hall and Park

Ilam Hall is the remains of the hall built by the Watts Russell family in the 1820s, close to Ashbourne. The Hall and Park now belong to the National Trust

Tissington Hall

Tissington Hall is the 17th century home of the FitzHerbert family in Tissington Village near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Wonderful furniture, paintings and porcelain collection.

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