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Bradfield actually consists of two villages: High Bradfield is up on the hill, clustered around the church and the site of the old Norman castle and looks down on Low Bradfield, centred around the bridge over the River Loxley. It is an extemely pretty place with a fine old church, several notable old buildings and numerous cottages made of the local gritstone. In addition, there is a fine view of the surrounding countryside from High Bradfield. The village has the distinction of being the largest parish in England, and stretches right over into the upper Derwent valley. The village has a cricket ground and bowling green down by the river in Lower Bradfield, and several pubs are scattered around.

Bradfield Church
Bradfield Church
The village is located near a number of very important reservoirs. In the 19th century the River Loxley was dammed in several places to provide water for Sheffield. Damflask reservoir lies downstream of the village and upstream there are Agden, Dale Dike and Strines reservoirs. Surrounded by mixed woodland, the reservoirs look very pretty, especially in autumn colours. In 1874 Dale Dike was the site of the country's biggest dam disaster, when the dam burst and a tidal wave flowed down into the Loxley area of Sheffield, killing 250 people.

Above Bradfield, on the southern branch of the Loxley River, there is the tiny settlement of Strines. This clusters around the popular Strines Inn, a very old hostelry that can trace its history back to the 13th century, though the modern building is much more recent than that. There are fine views from here across the Strines reservoir to the folly erected in the 19th century by the owner of nearby Sugworth Hall.

Bradfield former watchtower
0 - Bradfield former watchtower
Bradfield from Agden reservoir
1 - Bradfield from Agden reservoir
Bradfield Church gargoyle
2 - Bradfield Church gargoyle
Bradfield view of Agden reservoir
3 - Bradfield view of Agden reservoir
Bradfield village - low and high
4 - Bradfield village - low and high
Bradfield Church
5 - Bradfield Church

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