Grindon is a delightful village strategically situated above the most interesting and exciting section of the Manifold valley, close to its junction with the Hamps. The village has a long history and was mentioned in the Domesday Book as Grendon, meaning green hill. It was a staging post along the packhorse route from Ecton Hill, once the most productive copper mine in the country, and in its heyday many of the local people would have been miners or worked in associated trades.

Grindon Church
Grindon Church
The current church dates only from 1848 and has a soaring spire similar to that at Butterton nearby, but there has been a church here since at least the 11th century. The modern church replaced a 16th century building which was burnt down in the early 19th century. Outside the church entrance there is an unusual sight - a 'Rindle' stone. This records that: 'The Lord of the Manor of Grindon Established his right to this rindle at Stafford Assizes on March 17th 1872'. A rindle is a brook which runs only in wet weather - quite why the lord of the manor should want to assert his right to the rindle is unclear, but the stone is unique.

Inside the church there is a memorial to the crew of a Halifax bomber which crashed on the moors near Grindon in the harsh winter of 1947. The bomber was dropping relief supplies to the villages of the area, which were completely cut off by snowdrifts.

There is a car park and picnic spot beside the church and not far distant is The Cavalier, the village pub - one of the quainter ones in the area. There are fine walks from Grindon down into both the River Manifold and the River Hamps, to Thors Cave and the Wetton and Alstonefield.

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Manifold Valley - Thors Cave
0 - Manifold Valley - Thors Cave
Manifold Valley - Beeston Tor
1 - Manifold Valley - Beeston Tor
Manifold Valley from Thor's Cave
2 - Manifold Valley from Thor's Cave
Manifold Valley near Grindon
3 - Manifold Valley near Grindon
Manifold Valley near Wetton
4 - Manifold Valley near Wetton
Throwley Old Hall
5 - Throwley Old Hall
6 - Butterton
Grindon Church and Rindle Stone
7 - Grindon Church and Rindle Stone
Grindon Cottage
8 - Grindon Cottage
Hamps Valley near Grindon
9 - Hamps Valley near Grindon
Wetton Church
10 - Wetton Church
Wetton- Royal Oak Inn
11 - Wetton- Royal Oak Inn
Manifold Trail below Thors Cave
12 - Manifold Trail below Thors Cave
Thors Cave - looking out up the Manifold Valley
13 - Thors Cave - looking out up the Manifold Valley

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