Thorpe is strategically situated at the end of Dovedale and is therefore a busy place on summer weekends. However, the main part of the village lies in a cul-de-sac off the through road and is a surprisingly peaceful spot. At the end of this cul-de-sac a track leads down to Coldwall Bridge across the River Dove south of the present access to Dove Dale - this is the old route south from here.

Thorpe Church
Thorpe Church
The village is one of the few in the Peak with a name which clearly betrays Norse origins, for the Danish settlers did not generally penetrate far into this area. The village was mentioned in Domesday, as was nearby Broadlow Ash Farm. Other historical connections of the area include the local farms of Newton Grange, which was a farming settlement belonging to Combermere Abbey of Cheshire, and Hanson Grange which belonged to Burton-on-Trent monastery.

The village clusters around a beautiful little church with a Norman tower, built about 1100 AD, and with suggestions of Saxon work here and there. The nave was added in the 14th century, possibly replacing a Saxon construction, and a vestry in the 19th century. There is a fine tomb of the Millward family (1632) by the altar.

The road down to Dovedale first passes the three star hotel, Peveril of the Peak, and then the distinctive cone of Thorpe Cloud, the hill which guards the entrance to Dovedale. (Cloud is a corruption of the Old English word 'clud', meaning hill.) The summit is a short but stiff climb from any direction, though the approach from Thorpe village is probably easier than that from Dovedale, and certainly involves less gain in height. Whichever way you ascend it the climb is well worthwhile, for the panoramic view is really splendid, including Dovedale all the way to Alstonefield as well as Ilam and lower Manifold valley.

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Dovedale from below Thorpe Cloud
0 - Dovedale from below Thorpe Cloud
Dovedale - The Stepping Stones
1 - Dovedale - The Stepping Stones
Dovedale - The Stepping Stones on a busy day
2 - Dovedale - The Stepping Stones on a busy day
Dovedale - The Twelve Apostles
3 - Dovedale - The Twelve Apostles
Thorpe Cloud from the river Dove
4 - Thorpe Cloud from the river Dove
Thorpe Cloud - The view up Dovedale
5 - Thorpe Cloud - The view up Dovedale
Thorpe Cloud - Descending towards Lindale
6 - Thorpe Cloud - Descending towards Lindale
Dovedale - Tissington Spires
7 - Dovedale - Tissington Spires
Blore Church
8 - Blore Church
Ilam Hall - Saxon cross
9 - Ilam Hall - Saxon cross
Ilam - houses
10 - Ilam - houses
Thorpe church
11 - Thorpe church
Blore Church - Bassett tomb
12 - Blore Church - Bassett tomb

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