Wormhill is a small farming village found to the north of Chee Dale and west of Tideswell. The manor house, Wormhill Hall, was built in 1697 and then heavily restored in the late 19th century. The hamlet was relatively much more important in Norman times than it is today for it was once one of the administrative centres of the Royal Forest of the Peak.

Just to the west, the hamlet of Tunstead was the birthplace of Thomas Brindley who was apprenticed as a millwright but became a famous civil engineer and was responsible for the design and construction of the Bridgewater Canal. In the centre of Wormhill the village well is dedicated to Brindley. The well is 'dressed' each year in late August or early September.

In Great Rocks Dale, to the west of Wormhill, lies Tunstead quarry. Probably the largest quarry in Europe. Quarrying originally took place on the Western side of the Dale, but the owners (ICI at the time, now Buxton Lime Industries) obtained permission in 1978 to begin quarrying on the East side, working towards Wormhill. Vast numbers of trees have been planted to screen the future quarry workings and these can be seen to the west of Wormhill village. The quarrying will eventually completely remove the hamlet of Tunstead, which is already largely deserted and gives some idea of the long-term threat the quarry poses for the environment of this area.

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Wormhill Photo Gallery - click on the images to enlarge- Click Here for a slide show
Cheedale stepping stones
0 - Cheedale stepping stones
1 - Cheedale
Cheedale - Plum Buttress
2 - Cheedale - Plum Buttress
Blackwell Mill cottages
3 - Blackwell Mill cottages
Great Rocks Dale
4 - Great Rocks Dale
Miller's Dale
5 - Miller's Dale
Miller's Dale - Raven Tor
6 - Miller's Dale - Raven Tor
Local places of interest

Buxton Crescent

Buxton Crescent in the Derbyshire Peak District, is one of the finest Georgian buildings in England. The nearby Buxton Opera House is Frank Matcham's masterpiece and the former Devonshire Hospital has the largest unsupported dome in Europe.

Buxton Museum

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Buxton, Derbyshire, is housed in the former Peak Hotel and has an excellent display on the history of the Peak District as well as an Art Gallery and the Boyd Dawkins collection.

Buxton's Pavilion Gardens

Pavilion Gardens lie behind the Opera House in Buxton, Derbyshire. Built by Edward Milner in 1871, with the River Wye, the Octagon building, a bandstand and a railway.

Monsal Trail

The Monsal Trail is Derbyshire Peak District cycle trail which follows the path of the former Midland Railway from Wye Dale to a point beyond Bakewell, mostly following the River Wye.

Tideswell Church

Tideswell Church, Derbyshire, is known as the 'Cathedral of the Peak' because it is the largest and most beautiful church in the area. It has several fine carved tombs.

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