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Robin Hood's Stride, Harthill Moor, Derbyshire Peak District

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Robin Hood's Stride

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Robin Hoods Stride
Robin Hoods Stride
Robin Hood's Stride is a spectacular tor of gritstone rocks perched on a ridge between Harthill Moor and the Alport-Winster road. Legend has it that Robin strode between the tower-like stones at either end of the tor, but this is unlikely because they are 15 metres apart and the ascent of the towers is difficult - especially the southern one.

An alternative local name is 'Mock Beggar's Hall' and from a distance it is easy to imagine the tumbled rocks and turrets being mistaken for fortifications, especially in semi-darkness or mist. But there are real fortifications nearby, for Harthill Moor Farm, which can be seen from the Stride, is built on the site of Castle Ring, an Iron Age fort. This is one of the forts built along the ancient track known as the Portway, which passed just alongside Robin Hood's Stride.

The Nine stones
The Nine stones
The area surrounding Robin Hood's Stride contains traces of barrows, Bronze or Iron Age enclosures and hut circles, but the most visible monument is the stone circle known as the 'Nine Stones' (though in fact only four are standing) which lies about 200 metres to the north-west. This is another Bronze Age monument connected with the Portway, and is probably the most impressive in the area.

Just to the north-east lies Cratcliff Tor, an impressive crag made up of huge blocks of gritstone and largely hidden by trees. As well as being one of the hardest gritstone climbing crags of the area it also has a hermit's cave, hidden by an ancient group of yew trees. This was probably inhabited around the 12th century and contains a fine crucifix carved out of the wall of the cave - it is in remarkable condition considering its age.

Robin Hoods Stride
0 - Robin Hoods Stride
Cratcliffe Tor
1 - Cratcliffe Tor
Harthill Moor - The Nine Stones
2 - Harthill Moor - The Nine Stones
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How to get there

By Road:
the B5065 road from the Ashbourne to the A6 just south of Bakewell passes below the Stride. It is possible to park at the road side and walk up from just below Cratcliff Tor. Alternatively, go into Elton and continue through the village towards Gratton but turn off right about 330m from the church, down a single track road.

By Bus: the 172 bus from Bakewell to Matlock, via Yougrave, passes along the B5065 and you can walk to the Stride either from below Cratcliffe Tor, or from Elton village.
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