Kinder East Circuit


Route Info
walk mapDifficulty level: 4  (1 to 5 scale - 1 is easy)
Distance: 12.00 km    Ascent: 450m
Estimated time: 3:45 hours
Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 map sheet(s): 110
The Outdoor Leisure Map 1 - Dark Peak 1:25000 scale
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This is a fine outing which takes in the major sights of the eastern end of Kinder Scout. Though this is less spectacular than the western end of Kinder, the walking is gentler and the area is less frequented. There are fine views from this walk to the south across Edale and to the north into the Ashop and Alport valleys.

The lower part of Grindsbrook
The lower part of Grindsbrook
Start from Edale village by the School and the Old Nag's Head and begin by going North as though you were going up Grindsbrook. Cross the footbridge 200 metres above the Old Nag's Head and turn left to follow the path across the field towards Grindsbrook, but after 150 metres fork right and go almost straight uphill, heading for a stile at the top of the field.

This is the path to The Nab and Ringing Roger, famous viewpoints above Edale village. It is well-trodden and has been mostly paved. Continue right up onto the edge of the Kinder plateau - the path branches several times, but it isn't important which branch you take, so long as you keep going uphill. At the top there is a fine view over Grindsbrook and down into Edale.

At the top turn right and take the path to the east along the edge of the plateau. It forks soon after Ringing Roger - take the lower branch and continue around the plateau edge. It's easy walking with fine views of Edale and Lose Hill. After a little over a kilometre the path turns northwards (at GR SK139876) and then after about another 300 metres it crosses the head of Jaggers Clough, which is the major stream of this part of the mountain.

After Jaggers Clough the path starts to descend slightly and after 400 metres it forks, with the main (right) path descending more rapidly. It's well worth while taking the left branch, which leads to Crookstone Knoll, (GR SK145882) the apex of the north-eastern corner of the hill, which is a splendid viewpoint over the Ashop and Alport valleys.

From here the path turns left to head around the northern edge of Kinder, so leave it and head south east down a steep grassy ridge from the Knoll, then head south-east for about 200 metres over some rough ground to regain the main path which passes below Crookstone Knoll. If you reach a ruined stone wall then you have gone too far north.

Follow the track down heading east or south-east towards Ladybower, which you can see in the distance. There are some fine views from here of Win Hill and Crook Hill and on the eastern skyline Derwent Edge might well be visible, with its weirdly eroded tors. After almost a kilometre a footpath branches off to the left - you should take it because the route of the main track crosses private ground ahead near Crookstone Barn and there is no right of way here.

Hope Cross
Hope Cross
You emerge at a gate (GR SK158879) on the old Roman road which crosses from Alport valley to the Hope valley via Hope Cross. Turn right and follow the road to the next gate and a crossroads (Hope Cross), where you should turn right along the bridleway which leads back to Jaggers Clough. Cross the clough and climb up the other side to a saddle which again gives fine views of Lose Hill and Win Hill.

About 600 metres below the saddle (at GR SK148868) a path branches off right and contours across the hillside. This is the preferred route back, though if you follow the bridleway down to Nether Booth it is quite easy to return to Edale village across the fields.

Follow the path, which contours around the hillside to the Youth Hostel, pass around the front of the hostel and take a concession path which leads out the other side, descending steadily. This takes you to Nether Ollerbrook to join the valley path which crosses the fields to Ollerbrook Booth and thence back to Edale village.

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Edale - Old Nags Head Inn, start of the Pennine Way
0 - Edale - Old Nags Head Inn, start of the Pennine Way
Edale - view of Nether Tor and Ringing Roger
1 - Edale - view of Nether Tor and Ringing Roger
Kinder East trig point
2 - Kinder East trig point
Hope Cross
3 - Hope Cross
Hope Cross area view to Kinder and Jaggers Clough
4 - Hope Cross area view to Kinder and Jaggers Clough